About us

We're happy to welcome you to Waco Candle Co.

Melissa first crafted candles with her family in 2001. For many years, her family reminisced on how making candles together used to fill their home with love and wonderful aromas. Her husband and kids encouraged her to return to her passion in early 2020 when her workplace suddenly closed its doors. Inspired by the recent entrepreneurial spirit in her hometown of Waco, Texas, Melissa founded Waco Candle Company with the goal of providing other families a quality product that fills their homes with joy.

Melissa, our expert candle crafter, has worked diligently testing different natural soy blends, wicks, dyes, scent oils, etc… and after 19 years and many, many trials and errors, we believe she has discovered the perfect soy blend, amazing wicks, and exceptional scented oils for our candles. Our natural soy blend is very smooth and creamy and combined with our triple scenting approach, it allows for one of the heaviest scent throws in the industry.

Waco Candle Company hand makes every candle in Waco, Texas, using a natural soy blend, strongest fragrant scent oils, and lead-free wicks to produce exceptional candles. All of our candles are hand-mixed, hand-poured, and hand-labeled. We believe in perfection and feel we have achieved it in our candles.

We guarantee you will enjoy them!